MMA Judo Center



"AIKIDO is dedicated to developing with precision the  rational and efficient way to move, movement that uses everything and wastes nothing." 

-- Mitsunari Kanai, Shihan

 Aikido at MMA Judo Center

MMA Judo Center is happy to offer classes in traditional Japanese Aikido.

Aikido is a non-competitive, self defense art which emphasizes good body movement, throws, and joint locks. Blending circularly with one's opponent combined with efficient body mechanics can yield surprising power.  Aikido is practiced initially with a serious but semi-cooperative state of mind to prevent injury while one learns both how to execute a technique as well as  how to receive it (e.g., proper falling). For this reason, students from many different ages and athletic backgrounds have been able to train in Aikido -- often with dramatic results. Above all, Aikido is a martial art.







                Schedule:     Monday and Wednesdays

                                    6:00 pm -- 7:15 pm

Beginners and Visitors Welcome   


                    Fee:      $50/mo.

         Instructor:      David Farrell, 6th Dan Shihan


                                6 Cedar St. 

                                Woburn, MA